SeaWorld's beautiful and exotic birds

February 24, 2010 4:29:04 PM PST
An inside look into the world of our exotic, fantastic, fine-feathered friends -- beautiful birds of SeaWorld!

Animals featured in the segment:

Australian coral-billed parrots
Home: Arid woodlands of Australia
Diet: Seeds, grains, fruits and flowers

Green-winged macaw
Home: Eastern Panama and northern South America
Diet: Mainly fruits and seeds

Black vulture
Home: Eastern and southeastern United States to southern South America
Diet: Like other vultures, black vultures scavenge on carrion. They also occasionally eat live prey such as nestling birds, fishes, insects and small reptiles

Hyacinth Macaw
They are endangered largely because of the illegal pet trade
Home: Isolated pockets within the South American countries of Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay.
Diet: Fruit (when Fruit is scarce they will eat poisonous seeds. It is believed they eat clay to dilute the toxins.)

Home: South America
Diet: Berries, seed and fruit

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