Police find meth lab in Pleasanton home


In a neighborhood just about a mile Southeast of Downtown Pleasanton there was a red truck belonging to a private hazardous materials company called in to clean up what police say was a meth lab they discovered inside a home.

Police said they were serving an arrest warrant for 40-year-old Matthew Magoon. He was wanted for a previous drug possession charge.

Officers say they noticed a few glass beakers in the house, which led them to uncover a stash of equipment and ingredients used to make methamphetamine.

Among the ingredients they found acetone, sulfuric acid, liquid Drano, and pseudoephedrine pills. Police say Magoon's older brother, 50-year-old Robert Magoon, told them he was the one who cooked the meth inside the home.

"If it's an active lab, you're looking at something that's pretty volatile that can explode, that can cause fire," said Pleasanton police Sgt. Joe Leonardo.

"I'm shocked, naturally, because I had no idea. How would I know? I only see them if I happen to go in and out," said neighbor Mary Hagerty.

"Through his statements, he told us he was cooking probably once every two weeks and it was only for personal use, one to two grams at a time," said Leonardo.

"I know they're living there with their mother again. They were good kids, my kids played with them when they were younger," said Hagerty.

Police said the men live with their mother who owns the home. When she returned, Wednesday evening, she was quickly taken to police headquarters for questioning. No word on how much she knew was going on.

Robert Magoon is charged with manufacturing methamphetamine. His younger brother, Matthew, went to jail on the previous warrant and he will also be charged with possession of meth pipes.

Police said this meth lab is relatively small, but it is not often that they find one in Pleasanton.

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