CA Republicans focus on accountability, change


Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, now vying for Barbara Boxer's Senate seat, pulled no punches as she rallied support at the California Republican Party Convention Saturday.

"The big difference between Barbara Boxer's Senate career and my hair, is that my hair will grow longer," she told attendees.

Fiorina admits to having no real political experience, but she says she knows how to manage people and budgets, two things the state and the feds need.

"And I have managed billions of dollars for 20-plus years and I guarantee you this. You show me a billion dollars that no one is accountable for, that no one scrutinizes, that no one is responsible for making sure every dollar is spent wisely, and well I will show you hundreds of millions of dollars of waste," she said. "And, that is precisely what we have in our federal government budget."

On day two of the state Republican convention, the focus seems to be on accountability and change. For the first time in a long time, Republican candidates are in position to win some of the state's top seats. Republican strategist Bill Whalen says that is just one reason why the turnout at this year's convention is higher than usual.

"Shows the Republicans feel good about where they are, which is something California Republicans haven't been able to say since about 1994," Whalen said. "They see a chance to win the governor's office or hold onto it. They see a chance to pick up a Senate seat in California and they like their chances."

A large number of young Republicans were also in attendance to represent the changing face of the party.

"The face of young Republicans is realizing we want to fix health care. We want to help the environment, but you can't do that without money," said college student Jordan Belvins.

These voters are sure their futures are safe in these candidates' hands.

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