Look thinner without dieting

  1. Skinny Britches: Toss all your unsupportive underwear. Only wear controlling and smoothing pieces from now on.

  2. Shapewear Shape Suit: Heavy-duty compression for days you really need to look ten pounds thinner.

  3. Good bra: If you haven't been bra-fitted in a year, go now.

  4. A shift dress: Skirts all your body issues.

  5. A short cardigan: Covers arm flap.

  6. Dark denim jeans: Wear the ones without pocket detail because they minimize the butt.

  7. V-neck sweaters: Wear instead of turtles and crew necks.

  8. Self-tan: Moisturize, shave and self-tan legs.

  9. A stack of bangles: It Distracts the attention from upper arms.

  10. Nude heels: High heel pumps to match your skin color gives you a longer and leaner look.
About Charla Krupp:

Charla Krupp is a nationally known style expert who appeared for ten years on the Today show and on more than thirty national TV shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, Tyra, The Early Show, and Access Hollywood.

Krupp is a contributing editor to People: Style Watch, and was formerly beauty director at Glamour, a senior editor at InStyle, and a fashion columnist at More.

For more information about Charla, check out her website at www.charlakrupp.com

Charla Krupp Personal Appearance
Thursday, April 15
Union Square

About "How to never look fat again:"

Every woman has said "Does this make me look fat?" While a fervent believer in diet and exercise, Charla Krupp truly feels that there's so much more to life than spending endless hours in a gym trying to achieve the bodies of skinny celebrity role models.

"How to never look fat again" shows women of all ages how to achieve the benefits of losing weight visually, and stylishly, without dieting!

In the book, Charla examines every aspect of how not to look fat, suggesting smart, easy and stylish ways to hide any reader's arm flap, big bust, muffin top, back fat, Buddha belly, big booty, wide hips, thunder thighs, heavy calves as well as special problem situations such as not looking fat in work-out gear, evening wear and even in a swimsuit.

She dissects clothing, giving specific "High-Fat," "Low-Fat," and "No-Fat" advice about the "four basic ingredients" of shape, fit, fabrics and colors. Gorgeous color photos showing Charla's do's and don'ts and before-and-afters.

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Featured Images from "How to NeverLook Fat Again:"
  • Pages 44-45 Neck and shoulders
  • Pages 76-77 Big Bust
  • Pages 122-23 Hips and Thighs
  • Pages 164-165 Wide feet and ankles
  • Pages 62-63 Arm Flap
  • Pages 108-9 Buddha Belly
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