Only downtown Palo Alto gas station closes

Downtown Palo Alto's only gas station is now closing its doors after it couldn't afford its lease.

June 30, 2010 12:00:00 AM PDT
It's the end of the road for Downtown Palo Alto's only gas station.

After 42 years, Commuters Shell Service at the corner of Alma and Lytton has shuts down for good.

Owners say they were forced to close because they simply couldn't afford to stay.

Shell decided to pull out of the partnership, revenue was down, and paying for the lease was just too much for the aging owners.

"I think the mom and pop quality had a lot to do with why it was such a great place to come, you could always count on them," said customer Jennifer Blakely.

Downtown residents and commuters will now have to drive a few miles farther to find another gas station.

The city will also lose out on roughly $30,000 a month on sales tax revenue with the gas station's closure.