Groupon wants users to hook up, make Groupspawn

For the 10 people left in the Bay Area who have no idea what Groupon is, it's a website that offers a daily deal for a range of products and services at a highly discounted price. The only constraint is that a minimum number of people buy into the deal before it goes into effect. Deals can range from teeth whitening to flying lessons to restaurant coupons. Businesses love it because they get a ton of new customers and consumers love it because the discount is often for 50 percent or more.

The idea of Groupon dating is being debated around the 7Live office. Some people think the idea of using any type of coupon on a date, especially a first date, is tacky. I think that if the Groupon lets me and my date do something really cool that we might not otherwise go for, like a sailing tour of the bay, I'm all for it. (As long as we recognize the somewhat inherent awkwardness of being on a coupon-inspired date.) Remember, it wasn't too long ago that most people were embarrassed to admit to using online dating sites. Groupon dating just seems like a natural progression from that.

As for Groupspawn? I think most Groupon users are smart enough not to go off and make babies just for the chance to win a college fund. (Groupon isn't saying how much the scholarships will be for.) But it sure is a fun, quirky marketing ploy.

Have you been on a Groupon date? Would you go on a Groupon date?

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