President Obama leaves the Bay Area


Obama took off in Air Force One shortly before 11 a.m. Friday, less than 24 hours after he arrived in the Bay Area.

Two fundraisers in the Silicon Valley raised a lot of money and now the president is headed to Los Angeles to raise the sagging spirits of his party's base.

Air Force One lifted off under threatening skies; only appropriate considering the Democrats prospects in next month's election.

Polls suggest Republicans will take control of the House and make gains in the Senate, severely curtailing Obama's agenda in Congress.

His message at fundraisers in Palo Alto and Atherton last night was "Remember why you gave me the job in the first place and remember what it was like with Republicans calling many of the shots."

That has been the theme of his four-day campaign tour, and a theme he is expected to push at a rally at the University of Southern California Friday afternoon.

But the Democratic base is not energized and the Republican base.

One big problem is support from women, a group that overwhelmingly went for Obama in 2008. Polls show many are going Republican because of the slow economic recovery and the jobless rate.

It is testimony to the Democrat's problems that the president is in overwhelmingly Democratic California a couple weeks before the election trying to help candidates who should not need his help.

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