Legislators debating Pelosi's role in Congress


Last week, Pelosi surprised many political observers with her decision to run for minority leader. Republican Congressman Eric Cantor said Sunday it would be a sign Democrats "didn't get the message" from the November elections.

"What the voters said is number one, we're tired of the 20-month agenda that we've seen under the Obama administration because number one, it hasn't produced results. But, number two, it is anathema to most people. I mean, it is this expansion of government," he said.

Meanwhile, Democratic Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina is defending Pelosi.

"I am perfectly satisfied with Nancy Pelosi's leadership and I don't have any problems with that," he said on CBS's Face the Nation.

However, another Democrat, Representative Heath Shuler of North Carolina, has said he might challenge Pelosi, saying the party needs a more moderate leader.

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