Autopsy reveals OPD shot Jones from the front


Community members and civic organizations say they'll march from this barbershop to the Fruitvale BART station on Thursday at 3 p.m., where Oscar Grant was shot by BART officer Johannes Mehserle. Many people here are drawing parallels between the two cases.

For many in East Oakland, there is no other explanation. The lifelong friend of the unarmed barber shot and killed by police says police don't understand this community.

"We fear for our lives. We fear the police because they don't have no consideration for people, for humanity," Raymond Arnold said.

Police sources say an autopsy shows two officers shot the 37-year-old multiple times in the front of his body, not his back as many in the community believe.

On Monday night, Oakland police responded to a domestic dispute involving Jones and his ex-girlfriend. When officers approached, Jones ran and authorities say he repeatedly reached for his waistband and that's why officers fired. But Jones wasn't armed and while police say they found a metal object on him, they won't say what it was. Sources say it was not a weapon.

OPD Chief Anthony Batts promised a transparent investigation. He says there might be room for improvement in the department too.

"I do want to focus on the fact that we need to better ourselves as dealing with people going for waistbands, going into clothing, going into different aspects and make sure we give officers the proper training to address these things," he said.

Authorities say Jones was beating his ex-girlfriend so badly he tried to kill her. Friends say there's another side of the story; that she had been in the barbershop for hours before police showed up, destroying property and making threats.

"I think what people need to remember, from what I am hearing, is that there was something going on for hours before this, but that really doesn't change what happened when we got there. Had he just stopped and talked to us, there would have been a different outcome," OPD Deputy Chief Jeffrey Israel said.

Police say Jones has a long rap sheet and was on parole for gun possession. But authorities also tell ABC7 the two officers who shot Jones had no idea of his background when they approached him.

"They're trying to paint him out as a criminal," Arnold said.

A flyer promoting Thursday's protest march is circulating. ABC7 spoke to Oscar Grant's uncle, and he says he's definitely going to be here.

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