World famous boxer Pacquiao stops by Vallejo


In Vallejo, Pacquiao sang at an exclusive event for friends and family of his close associates in the Bay Area. They paid $150 each to benefit Pacquiao's education fund for children in the Philippines. They also got to buy his book, which will be officially released on Thursday and then Pacquiao took the stage to show that he's a fighter and a singer.

Fresh off his title bout victory and a concert in Lake Tahoe, the new WBC super welterweight champion sang for about 250 people at the Hiddenbrooke Golf Club near Vallejo. He may not be a world class crooner, but to his international fans, Pacquiao can do and sing no wrong.

"He was on Jimmy Kimmel singing 'Imagine,'" said fan Ronnel Fernandez. When asked who sings it better, Pacquiao or Lennon, he says, "We got to go with Pacquiao on that baby."

He has single-handedly thrust the Philippines, and its people, onto the global stage. As a recently elected congressman of the Philippines, he is out to unite a country with a tumultuous history.

"You know, I have to solve the corruption," says Pacquiao.

Corruption may very well be his toughest opponent, along with the Abu Sayyaf Muslim rebels that are infesting his country, but it's been reported even they stop fighting to watch Pacquiao box.

"Oh yes, they would lay down their weapon for him," said Alona, a Pacquiao fan.

The champ san in Spanish, English and his native Tagalog. Between entertaining and legislating, his trainers feared he might lose his title bout. Instead he destroyed his opponent and then hopped on a plane for a concert in Lake Tahoe.

At only 5'6" tall, Pacquiao is a giant international superstar who has ignited Filipino pride across the world.

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