Local high-tech company adding nearly 150 jobs

January 5, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
With the new year comes new hires in Silicon Valley, and there are signs the job picture is brightening up a bit.

During the recession, empty cubicles represented layoffs. This new year, they're starting to symbolize job openings. MarkLogic, a San Carlos software company, plans to hire 150 people in 2011 and Josh Narva has a growing stack of resumes and applications.

"I think there's a lot of disruptive technology, and when companies like MarkLogic look for inventive people, I think there's a lot of excitement," he said.

Narva is vice president of people, a clever title for the person who does the hiring. He's actively looking at more than 300 candidates right now who are at the interview stage, hoping for a job offer, and he says applicants have to do their homework to stand out in that sea of resumes and learn about the company first to see if they would fit in.

"This is not a company like an Internet start-up where you end up with people bringing their dogs to work. There's no pool tables, there's no foosball tables. It's a mature company," Narva said. "It's a huge advantage to have a pre-existing relationship. It puts you at the end of that giant stack of resumes."

And be sure to network.

"I was on LinkedIn, actually, I was doing an interview for them. I was on the account, and someone at this company listed a posting, and I looked into that, and that's how I got here," new employee Caroline Carlos said.

The White House is trying to foster a new wave of job creation in Silicon Valley. The president's advisory commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders will hold a summit on Friday to help entrepreneurs connect to government programs and services. A goal is to boost the economy and create more jobs.

Commission member Dilawar Syed sees great potential in the year ahead.

"There is that continuing energy in the community to come up with new ideas, to innovate, to exchange information and share knowledge, and I suddenly see that happening," he said.