Moments to remember from the 2011 Oscars

February 27, 2011 7:06:45 PM PST
Oscar winners will take home a nice, heavy statuette, but what will we, the viewers, take home from this year's Oscarcast? Herewith, some moments to remember, marvel at, cry at, frown at or simply scratch our heads at:

Hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway got right to the point in their opening moments, cleverly mocking the talk about how their purpose was to lure a younger audience. He told her she looked "so beautiful and so hip." She replied: "You look very appealing to a younger demographic as well." Their taped montage may have borrowed from Billy Crystal's days, with the actors inserting themselves into nominated films. But it had charm. A highlight: the actors invading a "Black Swan" rehearsal studio, she as a tap-dancing Brown Duck, he in an all-body white leotard that made him look more uncomfortable than when he cut off his arm in "127 Hours."

Was she channeling her role in "The Fighter"? Melissa Leo, accepting her supporting actress award, unleashed the F-word, getting bleeped on TV of course, but unmistakably clear. Suitable, really, when you consider her salty turn as Mark Wahlberg's relentless mom. Maybe she was frazzled not only by her Oscar win, but also by flirting with presenter Kirk Douglas, who told her she looked more beautiful in person than in the film. Would Leo's language malfunction become a running theme in the show? "I'm not gonna drop the F-Bomb like she did, but I've done it plenty," quipped fellow "Fighter" winner and best supporting actor Christian Bale.

Hailee Steinfeld may have lost her first Oscar race, but the precocious 14-year-old from "True Grit" was victorious on the red carpet in a shimmery, blush-colored gown with a tiara-like headband. Totally age-appropriate, pronounced fashion guru Tim Gunn. And gorgeous. Here's hoping she's back again soon.

We already knew Hathaway could sing from a previous Oscar cameo. But she really let her pipes rip in a "Les Miz" number. Sure, it was puzzling to many why she was singing about being stood up by Hugh Jackman. Still, the girl can belt.