Owners reclaim 'klepto cat's' stolen loot


This is no ordinary rummage sale.

"Dusty brought all of these things and what we're hoping for is the owners come and claim it," Dusty's owner Jean Chu said.

The stuff is out and the signs are up. It's time to return all of 'dusty' the cats' stolen goods. Dusty, AKA, Klepto the Cat, was featured on Animal Planet last month, where his late night rendezvous with his neighbors towels and under garments were caught on tape.

"I'd like to meet the cat," San Francisco resident Peter Carlson said.

That cat is now famous and Animal Planet is back to film Dusty's give back. His kleptomania started three years ago.

"He had a full bath towel in his mouth. The cats got a little mouth," neighbor Diane Greif said.

Dusty's owners would return things "piecemeal", but soon they couldn't keep up. And so for the first time, the neighbors are coming to Dusty's house, rather than the other way around. But all along 8-year-old Sadie Somers knew all of her missing things would wind up here.

Her house seems to be at the top of Dusty's hit list.

"This is my bathing suit bottom, this is my other bathing suit bottom, this is my top," Somers said. "This is another pair of shorts, this is my dad's wash sponge."

And there's more. But after several hours, Dusty still has a mountain of loot His owners have some advice for their neighbors.

"Don't leave anything outside that you don't want gone, and if you're missing something come to our house," Chu said.

Even after all of this, Dusty will still be in the spotlight. It turns out the city of Redwood City has asked him to be their Grand Marshall in this year's pet parade.

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