Teachers seeing double at San Jose preschool

SAN JOSE, Calif.

"Oh I get jokes about, 'What's in the water? Are you seeing double?'" says Explorer Preschool director Konne Ainsworth.

Double as in twins. Of the 25 students in Ainsworth's class at Explorer Preschool in San Jose, there are six sets of twins. There's Micheal and Samual; Lydia and Freddie; Madison and Logan; Derek and Trevor; Nathan and Audrey and Katerina and Vera. Ainsworth says it's not as confusing as it sounds because there are no identical twins.

"Of course we have three sets of boy-girl twins so that was easy. And the others, very soon you got to see their personalities."

The fact that there are so many twins in one classroom is extraordinary but it's not exactly an accident.

Moms of multiples love to share ideas, and with social media and blogging, word spread fast.

"Through a multiples group we all kind of became friends and we had networked and we had supported each other and it kind of lead into us all ending up at the same school," says Kristi Busch, a mom of twins.

Explorer Preschool is a parent participation program, so for the parents of twins, volunteering in the classroom means double duty.

"Two days a week - I'm here a lot. All of us twin parents are here a lot, but it's so worth it. It's great. Two out of four. It's not bad," says Amy Trayer, another mom of twins.

No one seems to know if a dozen twins in one class sets any records, but the theme doesn't stop with the students.

"Both of the aides in my classroom are twins! They each have twin sisters. They are both fraternal. Not twins with each other and two of the parents in my class have identical twin sisters," says Ainsworth.

ABC7 tried to corral the six sets of twins for a group photo, and as you might imagine, it wasn't easy. The challenge really has nothing to do with them being twins. First and foremost, they're preschoolers who just turned five. The twin talk is actually quite adorable.

"We love each other and we get to play with each other," say twin sisters, Katarina and Vera Davis.

This could be the end of a very nice story, but for Anisworth, there's another chapter yet to be written.

"Well, I have two sets of triples coming next year. That will be interesting too."

Explorer preschool is not only making headlines with its adorable twins, the preschool is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a huge reunion. For more information, please go to http://www.explorerpreschool.org/50thRegistration

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