3-year-old found safe with mother

A 3-year-old girl has been found safe with her mother in the South Bay after the child was reported missing.

May 12, 2011 12:10:56 AM PDT
On Wednesday night, Campbell police located a young abuse victim reported missing and she was found safe in the South Bay.

Police found the 3-year-old with her mother in a South San Jose parking lot. According to police she is OK and with Child Protective Services and was on her way to the hospital. The child's mother, Jane Marin, was taken into police custody.

Police believe Marin and her ex-boyfriend, George Rodriguez, are responsible for hurting the child. Campbell police got a tip, Tuesday afternoon, that the little girl was being "severely abused" inside a house, near the Campbell-Los Gatos border.

When police arrived, there was no sign of the girl, her mother, or Rodriguez -- who actually lives in that house. Police confirm they were called to Rodriguez's house in the past, but they would not say why. However, they did say it was not for child abuse or related crimes.

Investigators say a tip led them to a specific shopping center in South San Jose Wednesday night, where they found the girl and her mother, but not Rodriguez. He is still at large and wanted for child abuse.