Answers wanted after fatal officer-involved shooting


Both families are outraged and accuse Oakland police of wrongdoing. Some of the victims' family and friends gathered around a memorial to demand answers.

Brandy Johnson misses her younger brother, John Sloan. The 23-year-old was shot and killed May 18th on Curran Avenue in East Oakland. That night, he, Antoine Jackson and a third unidentified man were stopped by Oakland police. In a press release, police explained they had received a tip that a violent crime was going to take place along the 3,000 block of Curran Avenue.

Police insist when they stopped these men, they were armed and confrontational. Moments later, police shot Antoine Jackson in the side while he sat in the driver's seat and john Sloan in the back of the head while he ran. The third man was arrested.

"They killed two guys don't know the reason," Johnson said.

"When they do it no repercussions, say nothing about how murdered their child," family friend Todd Walker said.

Attorney John Burris is representing Antoine Jackson's family, and may take the Sloan case as well. He said there is no evidence either man was armed, though two guns were found on a roof top nearby.

"When you have a situation where two people are shot and an oblique story is given about one man being armed and the other may or may not be doesn't mean you get to shoot them," Burris said.

Both men had a criminal past, and Oakland police would not return any of ABC7's phone calls about an update or comment.

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