SJ police warn neighborhood of sex offender

SAN JOSE, Calif.

About 40 officers spent the day going door to door, handing out flyers and telling people about Page.

"If he had done the crimes he was convicted for today, he would be serving multiple life sentences in state prison and never get out," San Jose Police Det. Jeff Nichols said.

Page has been out of prison about a year and living in a condo complex on Phelps Avenue. Neighbors say he has an engaging personality.

"You start up a nice good conversation and think, 'Well here's another friend I've made,' and then this hits you in the face and say 'What? This person is that?'" neighbor Larry Oakenfull said.

Page was convicted in 1977 on kidnapping and rape charges stemming from assaults in the South Bay. His parole supervision ended in February and law enforcement is concerned he could reoffend.

"There's certain factors we take into consideration, and I can't disclose all of those, which makes us think he might be a threat to the community," Megan's Law Unit Supervisor Sgt. Greg Lombardo said.

Three elementary schools in the area are also on alert. The Moreland School District put the word out to its staff and the parents of every student.

"It's a perfect time to talk to our children about taking safety precautions when communicating with adults," district spokesperson Colette Zea said.

One of Page's neighbors doesn't agree with the Meagan's Law notification.

"I believe that people do change and they shouldn't have to pay for it for the rest of their lives, you know," Christopher Rosetta said.

Yvonne Miceli says she is grateful for the information. She is also one of Page's neighbors and has two children.

"I think he's getting the message that the kid's won't talk to him; I feel bad to ignore him but I just don't want him to have any comfort zone, I want him to know, I know who he is," Miceli said.

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