LAPD examining new video of Bryan Stow


For the first time, video from another fan at the opening day game shows Giants fan Bryan Stow inside the ball park. The video, which was obtained by the website TMZ, shows Stow engaging in a verbal argument with a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

For John Stow, the video was a disturbing reminder of just how intimidating it must have been for his cousin on March 31 at Dodger Stadium.

"It obviously looks like someone coming in and threatening Bryan, and he's putting his hands up in a (defensive) manner," said John Stow. "What I have heard is the gal that shot the video said Bryan was basically telling the guy to respect the game, and the guy was trying to confront him and Bryan wouldn't take the bait."

Bryan Stow's March 31 visit was the first time he'd been to the Dodger Stadium. John Stow says his wife received a text from Bryan during the game saying he felt uncomfortable sitting in the stands.

"(He) just said it was scary, that it was a scary environment inside the stadium," John Stow said.

When asked what Bryan likely meant by that, John Stow said, "Just probably that he was being harassed quite a bit from the Dodger fans around him."

The 42-year-old paramedic and father of two was attacked after the game in the stadium parking lot by at least two men. Police arrested Giovanni Ramirez two months later.

Ramirez has yet to be charged with the attack but is now serving ten months in prison for a parole violation. Stow's family is certain Ramirez is one of the attackers.

"He's been identified by multiple people, and I have a feeling that LAPD is just building a stronger case against him, seeing that he will be in jail for the next ten months."

The Los Angeles Police Department says they're examining the new video that surfaced on Monday. The LAPD said in a statement that Ramirez is still their prime suspect in the beating case.

"This video, like all other information we have received in this case, will be investigated to determine whether or not it is important to solving the case," the statement said. "Giovanni Ramirez is still the primary suspect in this case and we are continuing to follow each lead to its conclusion."

Ramirez's attorney said his client was not at the stadium on that day, and family and friends are willing to testify to that claim.

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