New training tool helps young batters


Hidden away in Redwood City is the California Baseball Farm Club facility. Inside you will find the ProBatter training simulator.

"ProBatter is a training tool, it's a pitching machine, but it's a video simulated pitching machine," said Gary Morton, the California Baseball Farm Club GM.

ProBatter combines computer and video technology to recreate the experience of facing live pitching in a closed environment.

"It gives you those game conditions where you can actually see the pitcher and his windup, you can time that pitcher. It also gives you at the advanced level, eight different pitches you can hit off of," said said Morton.

ProBatter has three components: a pitching machine, a projector and a control pad that programs it. You can pick what level you're at, if you want a right or left-handed pitcher, and the machine will set what types of pitches are appropriate for that age level. Once its programmed, you can set how many pitches you want and fire away.

Shane Arslan is a former college player who still has dreams of playing in the Big Leagues. He's an instructor at the facility and told ABC7 this is an awesome training tool for all levels.

"Parents will come in and say 'Oh, well my kid gets in the game and he can't time up a batter right.' And we get him in there, get him in the ProBatter and we see a lot of success with that," said Arslan.

The facility has tee-ball, soft toss, and set ups for softball and cricket. Helmets are required for your safety and everyone signs a waiver to participate. It's membership only, but is open to everyone.

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