Dance soars to new heights with Bandaloop

September 8, 2011 8:36:14 PM PDT
The Bay Area Dance Company Project, called Bandaloop, literally defies gravity. It is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a performance in Oakland next week.

Project Bandaloop dancers have elegance, form, expression, and an environment free of gravity because they are six stories up on the side of a building. Their dance is about the relationship between movement and gravity. It is not traditional for most people. And they make adjustments to avoid windows or fire escapes.

Amelia Rudolph created Project Bandaloop 20 years ago. They gave a preview of their new work called "Boundless".

"I did have a fear of heights growing up, but you learn to trust the riggers, so much like you trust an airplane pilot flying you in the air," said dancer Andrew Ward.

"There is an extreme amount of effort to the core, so even though it looks extremely easeful and fun and freeing, there's also the aspect of extreme engagement," said dancer Damara Vita Ganley.

This Friday at 5:30 p.m. Bandaloop will perform in Mint Plaza in San Francisco. The world premier of the full version of "Boundless" plays the Great Wall in Oakland near West Grand and Broadway next weekend.