'Occupy' protesters attack police with sharp objects


About 250 marchers chanted as they walked down the Embarcadero in San Francisco Saturday afternoon. When the group attempted to walk on the street car tracks at Broadway, there was a confrontation between police and marchers.

"As the officers were moving into position, one of the officers (was) cut," said Capt. Rick Parry with the San Francisco Police Department. "Apparently one of the protesters had a sharp object on the end of one of their signs and reached across and sliced his fingers."

Police now say a woman in the group had a blade on the end of a pen-like object. A second officer's face was cut as he attempted to recover his radio from a different marcher at the same location.

Both officers were treated at the scene and released. Police officers gathered to make their reports at the corner of Beach and Hyde while watching the protesters gather at the Maritime Museum Park.

After the marchers returned, we asked 'Occupy SF' spokesperson Amy Oh about the incident.

"That's the first I heard about it, but the police did do a lot to try to force us off the street," Oh said. "Maybe someone had something sharp on them, but that's just a conjecture."

The injuries the officers received were non-life threatening. San Francisco police are asking anyone who witnessed the attack to give them a call.

As the group gathered back at Justin Herman Plaza, vendors were gathering their wares and going home.

"I try to support them because we are a part of the 99 percent also," said vendor Michelle White. "I can't complain about them because I'm a part of them."

While ABC7 interviewed vendor Lindsey Whalborg about the Occupy encampment, an 'Occupy SF' protester tried to intervene. That caused Whalborg to lose her temper.

"I am part of the 99 percent, OK?" Wholborg shouted back at the protester. "We are the smallest of the smallest kinds of business."

As her husband helped gather merchandise, Wholborg vented.

"I think it's horrible," Wholborg said. "It's a squalid mess and -- as my husband said -- they've been stealing from us. They have been defecating, urinating and vomiting all over the place."

Police see another problem: The camp is filling up with dogs, which police say could pose a safety hazard.

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