Two hit-and-run drivers kill man in Fremont


Ralph Huerta, 56, had just finished pushing his friend Bruce across the street in his wheelchair. The stretch of Ardenwood Boulevard near Highway 84 does not have a crosswalk.

Huerta's friends say the corner is one of his favorite hang outs; some of this drinking buddies live around here. His friends acknowledge that Huerta was jaywalking, but want the drivers who hit him to come forward.

"In my opinion, if it was somebody who was a law abiding citizen, not that I'm a complete square but, if you please try to understand where I'm trying to get with this, they would have pulled over," friend Rhonda Saladas said.

Saladas says he just stepped away from the camp to retrieve his bike and buy a beer at the nearby Circle K.

"I asked someone, 'Well could it be that they didn't realize that they hit him?' and Ralph was about 250 pounds, and they said, 'No way,'" Saladas said.

Police describe Huerta as an "urban camper." They say he was hit by two vehicles.

"It might have been a silver late model Toyota Rav 4, which we're still trying to find out, and then after that vehicle hit him another vehicle was behind that," Fremont Police Department spokesperson Mark Peters said.

Police say the second vehicle is possibly a 2003-2007 4-door Honda Accord.

They've been able to line up descriptions based on pieces of the cars that were left at the scene and at least one witness.

Huerta's three older brothers were notified by Fremont police and they're hoping someone might help with more information on this fatal hit and run.

"If there's someone out there that saw something, you know get in touch with us, you know, I guess that's the right thing to do," Robert Huerta said,

The Huerta brothers say Ralph was a veteran; a Marine who served three years in Beirut in the mid-1980s. They plan be contacting the VA for full military services.

Anyone with information on the hit and run is urged to call Fremont police at at (510) 790-6972 or (510) 790-6800.

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