Doris Chibuko's husband talks to ABC7


Chibuko was president of her nursing class at the university. However, that is no surprise to her husband who says she was an extraordinary woman. She had told him that she was concerned about one particular student in her class -- the suspect.

"The love of my life, she will be forever in my heart," said Efanye Chibuko, Doris' husband.

Efanye lost his wife on Monday. He called her Ta-Ta. They married 10 years ago in a traditional Nigerian wedding and then moved to the Bay Area. They have three young daughters together plus his older child. Chibuko says 40-year-old Ta-Ta was the perfect wife.

"She loved me. I'm the only person she calls on the phone every day is me. She's constantly on the phone with me. When I'm not at home, she calls me, she wants to tell me every little thing that comes her way. I'm going to miss that," said Efanye.

No call came on Monday, his wife was a victim of the massacre. Efanye says she had told him the suspect scared her and was relieved when he left Oikos months ago.

"Yes, she had mentioned they were afraid of the guy. He has anger issues," said Efanye.

Police say he took out that anger on his former classmates. There is a shrine to Doris who collapsed in the parking lot, a few steps from the school, next to the Alameda County food bank.

"And a couple of food bank employees did come out and give assistance as best they could at that time," said a man from the food bank.

Efanye told us he still hasn't been able to retrieve his wife's body from the cornier and he says until then, he says it's hard for him to wrap his mind around the fact that she's dead and for him to begin to have any kind of closure.

Chibuko's friend wants gun laws strengthened

One of Doris Chibuko's friends is now fighting for change. We spoke to this friend earlier in the week, but she's now dealing with her grief in a different way.

Kaykay Amamgbo is redirecting her grief into action. Her dear friend, Chibuko, was one of the seven people gunned down at Oikos University. For two days, Amamgbo says she just sat around shocked. But now, she's busy on her computer emailing lawmakers, urging them to strengthen our gun control laws. She's also starting an online petition to get others to join her cause.

"This is supposed to be a free country, where you come here and you make the best of yourself. You're not supposed to be slaughtered like a lamb when you go to school," said Amamgbo.

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