Jewelry store robbery suspect dies after being shot

May 30, 2012 12:00:00 AM PDT
Police say a jewelry store owner shot a robbery suspect inside his store and the suspect later died. The attempted robbery happened at the Gold N Treasures jewelry store, located at 2550 San Ramon Valley Boulevard.

It sounds like the robbers were caught off guard and found themselves looking down the barrel of a gun. One thing that they might not have known is that a lot of jewelry store owners have guns of their own.

There were four suspects and witnesses saw at least three of them running across San Ramon Valley Boulevard. One of them collapsed in the middle of the crosswalk, apparently after being shot by the jewelry store owner. Police said he died at the hospital. Now detectives are searching for the three suspects who may have gotten away in a white, four-door, 1990s model sedan.

"They're strong people. They're not going to let somebody hurt themselves or other people around them," said Kaitlyn Parvin, the store owner's daughter.

Kaitlyn says her parents, 61-year-old Everett and Wendy Parvin, were in the shop with the jeweler when it was being robbed. They've owned the Gold N Treasures jewelry store for 20 years.

"The people who came inside [had] a gun. They put the jeweler, Henry, on the floor. There was kind of a fight inside," said Boris Borissov, a family friend and fellow jewelry store owner.

Borissov said he spoke with the Parvins shortly after it happened around 4:40 p.m. He says he knew the Parvins had a gun and they were prepared to use it.

When Borissov was asked in his line of business if he felt like he needed a gun, he said, "It's almost impossible to protect yourself if you don't have a gun. Every day suspicious people come in and make similar threats to us."

Borissov said just six months ago, Everett pulled out his gun and chased off another group of robbers.

"They came inside, but he [told] them they can live... They got stressed out and left," said Borissov.

Apparently, this time, the owners felt the need to their gun.