Flight attendant reveals airline secrets in new book

July 2, 2012 11:17:25 PM PDT
It would seem being a flight attendant is not nearly as glamorous as it might seem. Heather Poole has written a book about her 15 years in the business and she's revealing a few secrets.

The next time people are scrambling to put their belongings in overhead bins, think about this: while most people start earning their paycheck the minute they turn up for work, Poole says flight attendants only start to get paid when the doors are closed and the plane taxi's away from the gate.

It is also tough to keep the job. Uniform requirements are strict. Poole says one new hire lost her position for wearing her uniform sweater tied around her waist and flight attendants can be fired if they fly when they are too sick to work

Lastly, Poole says there is one drink flight attendants all hate to serve: Diet Coke. Poole says the fizz makes it so hard to pour that it takes three times longer to serve than other beverages.