Cause of rollercoaster malfunction still unknown


Maintenance workers meticulously checked the Superman Ultimate Flight rollercoaster Monday morning. Park spokesperson Nancy Chan says they checked the wheels, the train itself, and the tracks, "We have already determined it was not a mechanical issue to the ride or tracks at all."

A dozen riders were left stranded atop the park's new marquee ride, about 15 stories high, when it suddenly stopped Sunday afternoon. They were brought to safety an hour and a half later when the operator was able to power up the ride and bring the train back to the station.

Now that they've eliminated mechanical failure, workers are conducting other diagnostic tests on the computer generated programs that help run the ride, "Our maintenance team, the folks who designed the parameters for the launch system, all these guys are looking through and doing a full runup on the attraction," Six Flags Rides Manager Charles Laureano said.

The $6 million ride has had some glitches since it opened a month ago, "There have been brief stalls where it would go up the track and back. But it's nothing like this," Chan said.

Many guests of the park didn't even know the ride was shut down on Monday. And some, like park guest Ashley Ettin, were disappointed, "That sucks. I was stoked to ride it and everybody in my family said oh no. And I said yea, come on!"

ABC7 did, however, find some who were a bit nervous about what happened yesterday, "I've been wanting to ride it, but not after what happened," park guest Monica Gordon said. "I think I'll wait a little longer."

Six Flags maintenance workers are still trying to find out what's wrong with the ride. Officials with the park say Cal/OSHA was not on hand Monday because the state oversight agency is satisfied that the park is conducting its own investigation.

The Superman ride is closed indefinitely. Six Flags says they will not reopen the rollercoaster until they're absolutely sure it's safe.

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