Teen stabs friend after video game

OAKLEY, Calif.

One minute, they were playing a video game online. The next minute, one teenager was racing over to his friend's house with a rifle and a knife. The result -- shots fired and a stabbing in Oakley.

The suspect has been booked into the juvenile detention center. The mother of the victim, Sherri Kemp, says her son and the suspect have known each other since childhood and this will likely end a longtime relationship between the two families.

"Yeah, he walked into my house, I told him to get out of my house. He pushed pass me. He actually had the gun aimed at me and then shot at my son," said Kemp.

Kemp says her son's friend fired the 22. caliber rifle and the bullet pierced several walls. Then she says the teenage boy, threw her to the ground and began stabbing her son, 16 times in all.

"His front, stomach, all the way through his back, all over his sides, he stabbed him with something. Big gash wounds," said Kemp.

But Kemp says no vital organs were damaged. After the stabbing, police found the 17-year-old suspect, at his Oakley home, where they chased him through the neighborhood and arrested him. When we knocked on the door, someone at the home opened it, then promptly closed it without commenting.

"He has been booked in juvenile hall for attempted murder. Just prior to this incident, the two of them were in their homes, online, playing video games against each other," said Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Jimmy Lee.

While they were talking online, Kemp says the suspect accused her son of interfering in a deal to buy marijuana. A neighbor reacted to the news.

"Definitely not worth fighting over. It's weed. It's nothing. It's California," said neighbor Dylan Fulkerson.

It turns out many of the victim's stab wounds were superficial and he's recovering at home.

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