Concord teen driver in fatal crash appears in court


Prosecutors are charging 17-year-old David Rosen as a juvenile for the deaths of 41-year-old Solaiman Nuri and his 9-year-old daughter Haddessa.

Rosen is facing two counts of vehicular manslaughter for the fatal crash which occurred on Treat Boulevard in concord on April 7.

If convicted, Rosen faces an eight-year sentence in county jail. If he accepts a plea deal, he may be released after three years in custody at a juvenile facility.

The victims' family is angry with the decision that Rosen won't be charged as an adult.

"I lost two loved ones and it's not going to bring any of them back. All I want is justice. That's it," said Stoorai Nuri, widow of Solaiman Nuri.

The family's attorney says the family plans on suing Rosen in civil court for negligence.

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