1 SF fisherman found dead, 1 still missing


Relatives of one of the men discovered his body Monday night along the San Mateo County coast.

Jindi Guan is hoping for the safe return of her husband Ping Yau Tsang. The 46-year-old and three friends went fishing early yesterday morning, just as they do every month, but this time their boat was hit by a big wave and capsized. The four men started swimming to shore when another wave hit and separated them. Two men wearing lifejackets made it to shore. Tsang and the boat's owner were not wearing lifejackets and have been missing ever since.

Guan and her sister in law, Winnie Tsang, searched the beach for hours.

"At first light we had 10 people there," said Tsang.

Tsang said the carpenter and his friends all knew how to swim.

"I still keep hope for our family," said Tsang.

But is the midst of the hope, Tsang spent a sleepless night and waits for good news with her 7-year-old daughter.

"I hope he comes home because my daughter and I are waiting for him," said Guan.

The San Mateo County coroner hasn't identified if the man found Monday night near Pigeon Point was Ping Yau Tsang or Carl Deng.

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