Woman denied Tilted Kilt job because of her weight

Jennifer Rogers, 20, says she was turned down for a job at The Tilted Kilt in Southern California because the skirt they require female employees to wear was a size too small. Rogers says the rejection was upsetting and is not fair.

"I could not work there because I couldn't wear the uniform. Everyone's perfect the way that they are, and we shouldn't have to look a certain way," said Rogers.

"We have very specific costume requirements that the girls need to fill and they're actually hired as entertainers not as servers," said Bryan Vandermeer, the Tilted Kilt general manager.

There is no federal law that prevents hiring discrimination based on body type. The law also includes a special clause protecting the Tilted Kilt's hiring decision, meaning businesses like Tilted Kilt can legally not hire people who do not fit their brand.

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