Giants fans go wild as team stuns Reds in NLDS


October 16, 2012 11:55:08 AM PDT
For games like Thursday's NLDS Game 5, fans go to places like the Public House in San Francisco for a shared experience and on Thursday, some fans did just that. A group of ordinary baseball aficionados underwent a transformation.

They got their in the morning with ready-made excuses.

"We worked very late last night," one woman declared.

"I'm emotionally invested in this," said a man restraining laughter.

There were grown men in Giants uniforms and grown men sporting two-year facial hair. There were women displaying their team spirit on their tattoos. The one thing there wasn't for five innings was a run. But before fans knew it, the Giants had scored all six of their runs in the fifth inning, four of them courtesy of Buster Posey's grand slam.

It's hard to believe how calm and sedate the fans were just moments before. It's hard to believe how after losing the first two games of this series, many fans left the Giants for dead. For the rest of the day, there was joy mixed with tension punctuated by genuine torture. With the final out, the transformation was complete.

With all the yelling and screaming, one would think the Giants had won the World Series or at least a pennant, but this was only the first playoff. There's more baseball to played.