$10,000 reward for info. about quadruple murder


"Every day, it's just a struggle to get up because it's just another day without our children," Felecia Johnson said.

Johnson's son, 31-year-old Deshoun Jones was murdered along with his fiancé, 28-year-old Ashley Mills, who was six months pregnant with twins. They were shot to death inside their home on Atherton Street in Vallejo the night of Sept. 6. They leave behind three other children and relatives who are in despair.

"I hate for the night to come around, well between two, three, four o'clock, I don't get sleep no more, it hurts real bad," Mills' father Wilson said.

"All I remember is screaming, crying and begging for it not to be true," sister Ashley Johnson said.

Investigators say two black men were spotted running from the scene of the crime. Police says it was not random; the couple was targeted. Now, the city is offering a $10,000 reward reward for information that could help slove what is considered a quadruple murder.

Investigators say they have some theories about the case but they need more information.

"We want to solve it for them first, we want to solve it for the community as well; it's a very important case," Vallejo police spokesperson Jim O'Connell said.

The families say they are grateful the case is being actively pursued.

"We all need to reach out to one another and the youth need to stop killing," Johnson said.

Police have established a 24 hour hotline: 1-800-488-9383.

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