Ivory Madison releases political ad against Olague

After the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi scandal, Ivory Madison releases a political ad against Christina Olague.

November 2, 2012 10:10:12 PM PDT
For the first time since the San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi of domestic violence scandal broke out, we are hearing now from the woman who made the video of Mirkarimi's wife that helped convict him.

On Friday, Ivory Madison released a political ad targeting San Francisco Supervisor Christina Olague's re-election bid. Olague cast one of the votes that kept Mirkarimi in office.

In the ad Madison said, "Voters need to know what Olague did. I live in District 5, next door to a convicted batterer who is also our sheriff because Christina Olague believes it's OK to abuse your wife and still run a major law enforcement agency. I'm voting for anyone on the ballot, but Christina Olague."

The Olague campaign issued a statement saying, "Politicizing this issue in this way is silencing survivors in a way that is dangerous and insensitive."

Mirkarimi told ABC7News, Ivory's ad in his words "reflects the politics of retribution."