Huff talks about Raiders fans, family, and more


We know Manning is going to the Hall of Fame, so does Huff want to get a pick off of him?

"Oh, yes. I got one off him when he was at Indianapolis, so I got to get him again when he's in Denver. But every week you go into it wanting to pick him off because if you want to be the best, you've got to beat the best," said Huff.

So what is it like to play in the Black hole?

"It's the best feeling ever, especially when that stadium is rocking, they're loud, they're into it, especially on defense. You know on offense they've got to be quiet a little bit, but for us they're loud, they're into it, yelling, screaming, it's the best feeling ever and it gets the defense pumped up," said Huff.

We asked Huff if he stays here in the off season or if he goes back to Texas.

"A little bit of both. I just had a daughter so I've got my 3-month-old daughter, so I don't really want to fly with her too much, so we'll probably stay here more of the time this off season," said Huff.

When asked what the experience of having a kid has been like for him, Huff replied, "It's the best thing ever. I wake up every morning and I kiss her before I go into work. I kiss her every night before I go to sleep. It's really something you can't explain until you have a little one of yourself, but it's the best feeling ever."

We also asked Huff if it was tough for him to keep the work-life balance with a new baby. He told us, "It was definitely tough at first, like when you come home from practice and you're kind of amped up from practice, and then you go home, and there's a sweet little girl waiting for you at the doorstep. But I think the biggest adjustment really is after games because she doesn't really know if you win or lose or anything like that, she's just happy to see Daddy when he comes home. You come home and put a smile on her face and it kind of makes everything better."

Is there something about Huff we don't know?

"I don't know it, but I love Crocs, like the Crocs shoes. They give me a hard time in the locker room. I have probably 30, 35 pairs of Crocs at home. They're just so comfortable. I wear them every day. I just love them. I just put on my first pair and it had the little foam, the Tempur-Pedic bottom in them, they were just so comfortable. I haven't taken them off since," said Huff.

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