Advertisers releasing Super Bowl ads early


Some advertisers like are releasing their ads more than a week ahead of the game. "I thought it was quite hilarious. I think the Jamaican accent's always great. Perfect for a Monday morning," San Francisco resident Kyle Walsh said referring to a new Volkswagen ad.

YouTube says ads that ran online for the Super Bowl last year got an average of 9 million views. The companies that waited until game day got an average of 1.3 million. San Francisco ad agency Venables, Bell, and Partners says that's a big deal.

"Our studies show that about 30 percent of Americans are actually seeking out ads over a week and up, before the game," Lucy Farey-Jones said. "So, obviously you're getting somewhat free impressions in addition to those game day impressions."

But some old-school fans don't want any spoilers before the game.

"I think that ruins it actually because it's the excitement every year of what crazy things are people going to come out with to try to sell their businesses," Kate Reboli told ABC7 News. "Well, that's the reason I watch it. So, I think that's a big spoiler."

Ad executives say half of Americans will re-watch their favorite ads after the game.

By the way, this year, 30 seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl will cost advertisers $4 million.

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