Guerrero talks to ABC7 about Mayweather fight

GILROY, Calif.

He calls himself "The Ghost" because you can't hit what you can't see. Guerrero has seen a lot in his 33 fights. He has six title belts in four divisions and now he finally gets that seven-figure payday against Mayweather who wanted nothing to do with Robert.

"Yeah, I was calling him out, but he came back with, 'I don't know who he is,'" said Guerrero.

He will soon. Mayweather hasn't fought in a year and this could work to Guerrero's advantage.

"There's going to be some ring rust there, but the one thing about Floyd Mayweather is he's a master mind in the ring. He's very sharp, very smart in there and he fights with a lot of intelligence. So that's why he dominates everybody," said Guerrero.

His 43-0 record with 26 knockouts will attest to that. A lot of boxers want no part of Mayweather.

Shumann: "What is it about you that wants to take on this challenge?"
Guerrero: "I'm a Bay Area guy, man. We want to be the best. I want to be there in his shoes, I want to be the top guy and not just be one of the best, but you want to leave that legacy in boxing."

Guerrero's appreciation of this fight goes beyond the ring. In 2010 he gave up his title and took a year off to care for his wife Casey who was battling leukemia. She found a donor in Germany for a bone marrow transplant through Robert is dedicating this fight to knocking out blood cancer.

"You can be the match, all it takes is a quick swab, get on that registry, and you can save some body's life. It saved my wife's life and I'm very grateful to it," said Guerrero.

Guerrero's also fighting for his friends and family including his mom, Marcy, and dad, Ruben, who's his trainer.

Shumann: "Give me a prediction to the fight."
Guerrero: "All you're going to be hearing is 'The new pound-for-pound king of boxing, Robert The Ghost Guerrero.'"

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