Man dead following Hayward chase, officer-involved shooting


"I heard a loud crash and I got up," neighbor Norma Fructos said.

Fructos lives near where the maroon Honda Civic crashed after its driver, Oakley resident Arthur Packman, lost control on Foothill Boulevard near D Street. The car was hit by gunfire at least eight times after police say the 23-year-old attempted to ram into an officer's patrol car.

The incident began on Fletcher Lane and Watkins Street. At 3:20 a.m. an officer stopped the speeding Honda. White lines mark where the patrol car stopped. The suspect pulled into a parking lot and refused orders by the officer to get out of the car.

Police say Packman then lunged the Honda at the officer's car, which had a civilian passenger riding along.

"As he drove at them, the officer fired in defense of the civilian and himself," Sergeant Eric Krimm said. "He fired at the direction of the driver."

Orange circles mark where the shells landed from at least ten shots fired at the car.

Sgt. Krimm says the Honda took off up Fletcher and onto Mission Boulevard, then to Foothill Boulevard where he smashed into a divider, a light pole, and a sign before coming to rest in a garden area. The driver then ran.

"When I looked I saw the cops running towards the car that had the guy right by that little turn over there," Fructos said. "And I heard just heard them say, 'face on the ground.'"

After attempting to flee, Packman was arrested.

You can see where five shots fired by the officer entered the passenger side of the car. Two came close to hitting the driver.

"At the scene it was determined that the passenger was deceased and he does have at least one gunshot wound," Sgt. Krim said.

It's not yet clear if the passenger died from gunshots, the crash, or a combination of both. The identity of the passenger has not yet been released.

Officials say Packman was charged with assault with a deadly weapon because he tried to run down the police officer and homicide because the passenger in his car died as a result of his actions.

Police say the case remains under investigation.

This is the fourth officer-involved shooting in the Bay Area. The incident in Hayward happened after police shootings took place in San Jose, San Francisco, and Union City.

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