DNA links George Shirakawa, Jr.to new felony charge

SAN JOSE, Calif.

George Shirakawa, Jr. is now accused of sending out misleading political flyers designed to help a former aide's campaign.

"Very happy that those who are responsible for the illegal mailers that were sent out three years ago will be brought to justice," said former San Jose City Council candidate Magdalena Carrasco.

Carrasco remembers the blow to her campaign when this so-called hit piece arrived in voters' mailboxes. The flier showed a photo of her next to the flag of communist Vietnam, implying her support. That was an affront to many Vietnamese immigrants who came to San Jose for freedom.

DNA was lifted from a postage stamp but it was never matched in the crime lab's database until Shirakawa, Jr. was arrested on charges of not filing campaign reports and misusing public funds.

"As part of the booking process, a DNA sample was collected from Mr. Shirakawa. That DNA sample was then uploaded into state and national DNA databases," said Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen.

Shirakawa, Jr. was backing Carrasco's opponent, Xavier Campos who had been one of his aides. Carrasco lost the primary by 20 votes and the runoff by less than 400.

Campos now sits on the City Council. He said that those responsible for the fliers deserve to be brought to justice.

"I was surprised that something as simple as a stamp would have tumbled a dynasty of corruption. Absolutely, especially in a time of modern technology," said Carrasco.

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