Same-sex marriage could bring in $40M for state


"It really does put me in the mood for a wedding," said Wedding designer Billy Cook.

Cook has been engaged to his partner for five years. The Supreme Court's decision will change things.

"I've always been the bridesmaid, never the bride. Now I get to be the bride," said Cook.

A study out of UCLA projects 37,000 same-sex couples in California will wed over the next three years. That will generate $40 million for the state budget and $492 million in revenue for wedding-related businesses.

Florists, musicians, bakeries, stationery stores and caterers all stand to get a slice of this new wedding cake.

"I was at the flower market this morning when the decision came down from the Supreme Court and there was a big cheer," said Mandy Scott from Mandy Scott Flowers. This florist and event planner hopes to see a boom in her business in the coming months. "We'll definitely see some bigger bashes and they definitely do spend more on legal weddings than on smaller celebration or commitment ceremony."

At this Taste Catering, Inc. in San Francisco, they are saying bring on the same-sex weddings.

"Everyone is so excited and waiting for more weddings," said Hayley Seed from Taste Catering.

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