App offers cheap overseas calls


Here's an app you might want to download -- Rebtel. Its motto is "talk more with your loved ones."

It has worked for Redwood City resident Grant Spector. He called home from Australia.

"It cost a couple pennies a minute if you're not connected to Wi-Fi. So it is a pretty cheap way to stay in touch with family and friends," said Spector.

When you connect through the Internet with someone who also has Rebtel, there is no charge at all. If you go phone to phone the rates are cheap.

"Then I believe it costs money, but only a few cents," said Rebtel.

He is right. Only a few cents and that's for the entire call. Phone China through Rebtel and it will cost you less than 2 cents a minute. A traditional mobile phone company will charge you $1.99.

Andreas Bernstrom is the founder of Rebtel which is based out of Sweden. He said, "What we are doing in the background is we are buying these minutes from operators and we are routing them through our system."

It is the same phone lines, same cell towers and same satellites, but the time is bought in bulk.

"The user doesn't have a clue. The user is just using the Reptel application, just making a call in the same way they usually do, but instead of paying maybe $1 for an international call they are doing it for one cent," said Bernstrom.

So where did the name Rebtel come from? It's a rebel telephone.

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