Pistachios recalled after being contaminated with salmonella

In this Sept. 22, 2010 photo, AgriWorld ranch manager Chris Wylie gathers a handful of Kerman pistachio's at the AgriWorld farm in Madera, Calif. California farmers may be the big beneficiaries of a U.S. ban on Iranian pistachios that begins Wednesday, Sept. 29. (AP Photo/Justin Kase Conder)

July 14, 2013 6:39:31 PM PDT
Consumers in California who have purchased a certain brand of pistachios are being warned it may be contaminated with salmonella, according to the Monterey County Health Department.

Roasted and salted pistachios in a 6 ounce plastic cup, 12 ounce clear bag or 28 ounce clear plastic tray by the brand Treasured Harvest were distributed from Oct. 17, 2012, through April 29, 2013, the health department said.

The pistachios went out to four states, including California, according to the health department.

Western Mixers Produce and Nut Company has issued a recall for ARO and Treasured Harvest pistachios because the potential for salmonella contamination.

Anyone who purchased the pistachios is asked to destroy the product or return it for a full refund.

Consumers may contact Western Mixers Produce and Nuts with any questions at (877) 230-8449 between Monday and Friday, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 2 p.m., the health department said.