Popular San Francisco restaurant linked to E. coli outbreak


Public health officials have linked E. Coli infections of 14 people, including 11 San Francisco residents, to the restaurant San Francisco Burma Superstar at 309 Clement St., health officer Tomas Aragon said in a statement.

Nine of the infected people had eaten at the restaurant on Aug. 16 or 17, Aragon said.

While the presence of E. Coli is believed to be an insolated incident, the restaurant's owner, Desmond Tan, said in a statement released by the health department that the restaurant will be voluntarily closing until Monday.

Tan said this is the first incident the restaurant has had in its 17-year history.

"We are working with public health officials to identify the exact cause of these incidents, and the city has reassured us that this was an isolated case and that San Francisco Burma Superstar is a safe place to eat," he said.

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