Judge sentences San Francisco's 'landlords from hell'


One of Kip and Nicole Macy's tenants came to court. He says the sentence doesn't go far enough.

The couple was sentenced to four years and four months; but with credit for time served, they'll be out of prison much sooner.

Kip and Nicole Macy already knew their fate when they walked into the courtroom.

Their four year, four month sentence was part of a plea deal made in June.

Nevertheless, Nicole Macy's attorney criticized the sentence for being draconian, an argument that went nowhere.

"We had some meetings," Judge James Collins said. "We talked about the facts in chambers in this case and I do believe this is not a Draconian sentence. I believe it is a reasonable sentence."

The Macys have been convicted of residential burglary, attempted grand theft, and stalking in connection with a two year effort to get five of their tenants to move out of their South of Market building.

Prosecutors say the Macys doused their tenants' beds, clothing, and electronics with ammonia, cut out sections of support beams, and sawed holes through the floors.

Prosecutors also say they cut telephone lines, shut off gas and power, and repeatedly changed the locks.

Ricardo Cartagena was in the courtroom Friday and says their sentence isn't long enough. He was the live-in building manager at the time and says he still fears for his safety.

"I know that they have a criminal mind," Cartagena said. "I can expect anything from them, whether they get it free or they can pay somebody. That's why I feel nervous, insecurity."

The couple has already served almost three years of their sentence.

One of it was spent in jail in Italy where the couple fled and was arrested by Italian police.

"It's very tragic," said Lisa Dewberry, Kip Macy's attorney. "There wasn't anybody in this case who I would call honorable from the Macys and everybody else involved."

The couple should be out of prison in about a year.

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