Cold weather likely to increase cost of produce

December 10, 2013 5:27:18 PM PST
People will likely pay more for fresh produce because of the freeze that's gripped so much of California. San Joaquin Valley citrus growers are spending millions to keep their crops from freezing.

Produce wholesalers say they're already noticing some crop damage on the fresh fruits and vegetables arriving at places like the Golden Gate produce terminal in South San Francisco.

Freeze damage, small dark spots, are beginning to show up on strawberries.

"As long as we don't get any prolonged freeze damage, we're going to have strawberries for Christmas. So, it's supposed to warm up a little bit. If we get out of the freeze area, we should be alright," said Peter Carcione at Carcione's Fresh Produce.

The price of a flat of strawberries has already jumped from $16 to $26 and that could rise even higher. Prices might also climb because of the increased holiday demand for fresh produce.