Residents irritated by Journey guitarist's SF wedding


The wedding started at 5 p.m. Sunday and it attracted a slow but steady stream of onlookers.

The wedding took place under the rotunda at the Palace of Fine Arts. Guests gathered inside a tent that was put together specifically for the event.

One person told us they came there just for the spectacle.

"Just to see if there's any celebrities, just to be part of the excitement," tourist Angelina Jovan said. "It's San Francisco, it has a lot of excitement."

Schon is co-founder of the rock band Journey. His bride Michaele Salahi is perhaps best known for crashing a White House dinner four years ago with her then husband.

Schon and Salahi invited 500 people to the wedding. Sammy Hagar is one of 14 groomsmen.

The couple made the wedding available on pay-per-view for $14.95. Part of the money is said to be going to typhoon relief in the Philippines

Even so, many residents and tourists were irritated by the whole thing, despite the fact that the couple paid nearly $250,000 in permits.

"As kids we used to play in that dome all the time and we wanted our little 8-year-old brother to enjoy it down there so we're a little sad that it's closed today," tourist Gina Tucker said.

San Francisco resident Jean-Marie Campbell added, "We have weddings there, but the whole park has never been closed like this before, not to my knowledge. I've lived here 35 years."

"My boyfriend's first comment was like, 'oh the one percent ruining it for the rest of us,'" San Francisco resident Alison Rodrigues said. "So, you know, it just feels a little frustrating."

As for traffic, guests were shuttled in by bus, so the surrounding streets were largely unaffected.

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