Pleasanton Fitness customers have billing issues with gym


They were slightly different issues, but they were focused on the same gym and both revolved around money. Not a lot of money, but enough that some might work up a sweat.

Platinum Fitness in Pleasanton is a workout facility open 24 hours a day every day. It has served hundreds of customers including Pleasanton residents Hazel Chambers and Justin Acosta.

"I liked working out here. It had everything I needed," said Chambers.

"For the most part, it provided what I needed and how I needed it," said Acosta.

The fitness center worked for them, but the billing for the monthly dues, did not. Separately they both had issues.

Chambers was being doubled billed. She was charged under the name Platinum Fitness, the current name, and Anytime Fitness -- the facilities former franchise name.

"I did look at my bank statement and Anytime was charging me, plus Platinum Fitness was charging me, twice a month at times," said Chambers.

Justin Acosta says he was billed after he cancelled his membership.

"I contacted them and they said to contact their financial services company, that they contract with to take the dues and everything, and while I was trying to get them to do their job, they charged me again," said Acosta.

Both felt like they were getting the run around, referred to this person and that.

"I just got fed up and I just told them, 'Hey, if you guys don't get back to me, I will contact 7 On Your Side. That way put a little heat under you and try to get my money back,'" said Acosta.

Platinum Fitness' Debra Tenenbaum spoke with me about these issues. When she heard about the ticked off customers, she replied, "…And that doesn't make us feel good at all. Our pride is to have a great membership experience at Platinum Fitness and I am glad to be able to talk to you about it."

She refunded the money, apologizing saying Chambers' problem was caused by the cross over from one business entity to another.

Acosta is glad it all worked out. He told us, "Within five days of talking with you, everything was solved. Whereas it took me three months and I was getting nowhere."

Finney: "So if there's a problem in the future I can send people to you."
Tenenbaum: "I'll fix it. I guarantee that. I shall fix it."

On sight billing and oversight of that billing should keep the issues from being raised again.

So from now on the only reason heart rates should rise at this gym is because of a solid workout.

Now you have a complaint about a gym or any other business, let me know about it.

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