81-year-old Oakland woman describes being shot by intruder


"I was in the bathroom and I heard 'boom, boom' and so I thought uh, oh, it sounds serious so I went out," Concannon said. "Then I decided to I should do the intelligent thing which is get down to the basement as fast as possible, but he managed to break down the door just as I was crossing that space and he shot me."

The bullet went through Concannon's left shoulder and then travelled through a wall of the house, finally hitting her neighbor's outside wall.

Concannon doesn't know why her assailant shot her.

"I think anybody that is obviously in their pajamas, in her pajamas, standing there is not a threat," she said. "Maybe he was startled, but someone whose using a gun, is breaking into a house, you'd think he'd be beyond being startled."

Lincoln Highlands is typically a quiet, relatively crime free neighborhood. But Wednesday, Bay Alarm security company salesmen were trying to get new business after the shooting.

Gregory Wilson's neighbor was the victim of an attempted home invasion two months ago.

They kicked his door in because they thought he wasn't home," he said.

Residents are starting to connect with each other through the Internet, warning neighbors of anything suspicious.

Concannon should be released from the hospital Thursday.

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