Mommy blogger's photo sparks internet backlash


The picture shows two of Erin Ruddy's kids glued to their iPads, with one of them distractedly feeding a bottle to his baby sister. Ruddy says the photo shows the reality of motherhood in an age where women feel pressure to be perfect moms.

"There's no such thing as private parenting. You see everything that your friends are doing. They see everything that you're doing. So, you feel this pressure to be this perfect mom with the perfect pictures on Facebook and Pinterest, but the truth of the matter is there's no such thing as a supermom,"'s Ericka Souter said.

"Because beyond these pictures, you have tantrums, you have arguments with your husband, you have a messy house, and that's the reality that we're hiding," she continued.

Ruddy's supporters say the idea is that it's OK to stop trying to be supermom if it gets you a little more quality time with your kids.

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