Winning Powerball ticket sold in Milpitas still unclaimed


"I'm feeling pretty great right now. This is surreal. I don't even know how to feel. I'm at a loss for words," Parmeet Singh told ABC7 News. He has yet to talk to his dad, who owns the gas station in where the winning Powerball ticket was sold. "Unfortunately, I have his phone and he has no way to contact me until he gets to where he is going," he told ABC7 News,

Singh's father was on a plane headed for India when lottery officials announced there had been a winner. The store owner gets $1 million. There's been no sign yet of the winner who is believed to have purchased the ticket before Wednesday.

Singh says he could barely sleep Wednesday night, wondering the same thing everyone else wants to know -- who bought the ticket.

"There's a couple people I'm hoping that won, that have been our customers for years," he said. "And we see them every day, know them by first name basis. So, it would be amazing if they won."

Store Manager Sonia Mahal said she was very busy Thursday morning looking for the winner. So far, no luck.

"I think most of our customers are saying congrats to me," she said. "And also they're a little sad as well, because they're checking their tickets right here and it's saying 'not a winner.'"

"Anyone who was here and bought a ticket might want to sign their ticket right away and come forward as soon as you can. Keep it in a safe place," suggested Cathy Doyle-Johnston with California Lottery. The winner may decide to receive the entire $425 million over 30 years or a cash option of $242 million, immediately.

Victor Gomez of Milpitas thought maybe he had won. On Wednesday, he stopped by the station to have his car washed and decided to buy a few numbers without realizing the cashier never printed them out. Through surveillance video, he was able to confirm he wasn't the winner.

"Found out that lady, the cashier never gave me my ticket, verified it with surveillance, she didn't. But I got charged for it, but I got my $20 back so now it's off my chest. I can rest. I can go about my happy life," Gomez said.

Iva Hollister is visiting from Texas and bought a ticket somewhere else. "Oh God bless them, anybody that wins, I mean really. We're all dreaming for that you know," she said.

"I'm really excited for him, I guess a little jealous," customer Jarad Kufeldt. "You know, I guess that's two in the past couple months within a short drive of my office. I guess I need to start reevaluating my convienience store purchases."

Singh has a pretty good idea of how his father will react to the news. "He'll be very thankful, very humble person. I have a lot of respect for him," he said.

This was the only winning ticket in a game that is sold in 42 states. The last big prize won in the South Bay was back in December. It was a MegaMillions ticket sold in San Jose. The prize was $324 million.

The winning Powerball numbers are 01-17-35-49-54, Powerball: 34.

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