Police conduct statewide underage drinking sting operation

More than 100 police agencies were involved in an undercover sting Saturday that focused on people who buy booze for minors.

Officers saw an exchange happen between an adult and a minor outside a store and moments after the quick exchange officers from the Brisbane Police Department pounced.

This is part of an enforcement effort coordinated by the State Department of Alcohol Beverage Control.

Throughout the day teams of decoys and police officers fanned out across the Bay Area for what's called a Shoulder Tap operation. The aim is to catch people who illegally buy booze for teens.

"We want to get the word out that of course it's a crime, but also it's not a victimless crime and that we take it seriously and it will be enforced and we will arrest you," Brisbane Police Officer Jake Nelson said.

In another case, 19-year-old Albert Grant was the decoy.

"Can you get me a 40 ounce of Budweiser?" Grant said.

We watched as he asked several people and was mostly turned down.

In San Mateo County alone, 431 people were approached by 10 different teams.

Thirty-three people were cited including a man who is now facing a misdemeanor charge of illegally buying alcohol for a minor.

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